The character who is about to retire from the show for this reason


Recently, the international Netflix platform confirmed that the filming of the fourth season of Virgin River has already finished, for now, we will wait for the final arrangements to finally enjoy the program through this streaming medium.

Recall that this plot follows Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), a nurse from Los Angeles. As Mel recovers from her past, she strikes up an affair with Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), the owner of the town bar. As they continue to build their romance, we can observe how this small town becomes involved with the different stories and twists of its important characters.

Amid some casting news, fans are concerned about the alleged departure of one of the biggest characters in this Netflix series, Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth). Throughout the third season, the former marine had grown out of the thumb of drug lord Calvin (David Cubitt) and had begun an affair with Jack’s sister, Brie (Zibby Allen).

However, Brady’s good fortune came to an abrupt halt at the end of season three. Recall that he, unfortunately, was arrested by former Marine, Detective Mike (Marco Grazzini) for shooting Jack. It was the same actor, Ben Hollingsworth who insists that not everything is what it seems.

So he put it in a recent interview: “I’m pretty sure Brady is on everyone’s suspect list”… “I wouldn’t be surprised if fans were betting on who ended up shooting Jack, and I wonder what’s wrong with him. to Brady. I don’t think he’s someone who would do that, regardless of his mental state. ”

When Virgin River finished filming its fourth season, Hollingsworth was on set. Virgin River’s official Instagram has captured videos and photos of him. Additionally, he has shared photos and videos of him and Allen having fun on set.

However, Hollingsworth has also landed a role in the new Spectrum series, Joe Pickett also seems to be very excited about this new project, as he commented: “I can’t wait for everyone to meet Ote Keeley. #JoePicket arrives at @spectrumoriginals in 2 days !!! The best way to describe this show is that Yellowstone meets Fargo. “