The character of Elle Fanning in “Plainville Girl” has an amazing connection with Rachel Berry from Glee


A life imitating art? The Elle Fanning series for Hulu shows a shocking connection with Rachel Berry from Glee, played by Lea Michele.

In the movie “Plainville Girl,” based on the story of Michelle Carter, a teenage girl who allegedly urged her boyfriend to commit suicide by text message, 23-year-old Fanning rehearses a monologue that Rachel Berry delivered to her chorus mates in the fifth season. episode “Defender”. The episode of the Fox show was inspired by the death of Cory Monteith in 2013 and contains several hints about his real-life romance with 35-year-old Michelle, whom he was dating at the time.

“I loved him, and he loved me,” the fictional Michelle says in the mirror with tears in her eyes. “He loved all of you guys. I know what he did. I like to sing in the car, and before Finn I sang alone. It was the first song we sang together when we went together.”

After her first performance, she pauses and replays the scene on her tablet so she can read it along with the episode. Carter then sings “Make You Feel My Love” to Adele—just like Rachel does in Glee—crying before the episode ends as she takes a deep breath and calmly looks ahead at her reflection.

Carter, now 24, made headlines in 2014 after her then-boyfriend Conrad Roy committed suicide by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide in his truck. After his death, authorities found messages on his phone from a Massachusetts native in which she urged him to stay in the car, even though he wanted to leave and not carry out his plan to commit suicide. Carter also made several phone calls to Roy at the time of his death, which, according to the judge, was proof that she had convinced him to go through with it.

In June 2015, Carter’s lawyers argued that Roy had suicidal thoughts and that throughout most of their relationship she encouraged him to seek help. “By looking at all the texts in context, she tried to talk him out of it,” prosecutor Joseph Cataldo told The Sun Chronicle at the time. “Michelle Carter was not the cause of his death.” However, two years later, Carter was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 15 months in prison and 5 years of probation. She was released in early January 2020 for good behavior.

Throughout their tumultuous relationship, which took place mainly through text messages and emails, Carter often sent Roy quotes from Glee, which she passed off as her own words.

“She was a big Glee fan,” Fanning told Variety on Tuesday, March 29, about her character’s connection to the popular series. “I’ve seen this show, but I’ve watched it a lot on set. While reading the pilot version, in the last scene she sings “Make You Feel My Love”, imitating Lea Michele’s grief. Leia’s grief was real in the series; she’s also mourning her real boyfriend.”

She continued, “I’ve never met [Michelle], but I know all her mannerisms in this scene. I have a legal notebook. I recorded every time she blinked, every time she moved her hand with every word to simulate emotion. It was a real exercise. I felt like I was really connected to her because I think I saw her grief. It was very meta.”

The first three episodes of “Plainville Girls” are currently streaming on Hulu, and subsequent episodes will premiere on Tuesdays.