The changes can’t stop, won’t stop coming to Universal Orlando, as another attraction closes against the backdrop of Shrek, the live demolition of the fear factor


The Universal Orlando Resort is currently the epitome of change: several classic attractions and shops are closing to make way for potential/prospective attractions based on future films. Earlier this year, we saw both “Fear Factor Live” and “Shrek 4-D” completely demolished, as well as extensive renovation work similar to those carried out in “Revenge of the Mummy”, which could potentially completely exclude Brendan Fraser from the attraction. Changes are coming, and they won’t stop. The last one? The famous Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop has officially closed forever.

Announced by Attractions Magazine, among other theme park outlets, this unique retail fixture was wiped off the map after closing yesterday. The store, which is almost 7 years old, was particularly popular, because in the Williams of Hollywood Prop Shop, guests could purchase props from real Universal Orlando attractions that were decommissioned. A beautifully depicted example in the source is the cow from Twister: Ride It Out, which looks like a great addition to any playroom dedicated to a dairy farm or Twister.

Following the disappearance of another Universal Orlando fixture due to the closure of Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe in early May, there has not been much speculation about a replacement yet. Other local antique malls sound like they will make up for the slack at the end of the prop shop, as indicated in the source above. In addition, Universal Parks has not yet announced who will be the next tenant of this place.

However, there is always a chance that a string of banana-colored debuts could spread to the Hollywood section of Universal Orlando. Although it is not confirmed, many characters of the “Despicable Me” spin-off can come to this theme park in Florida, what can turn this store into a place to buy goods with the image of Gru and Minions? I’m just thinking here…

It depends on how much the appeal of Minions and its parent franchise expands. At the moment, rumors about what will replace the now-defunct Shrek 4-D attraction, as well as the Universal Studios Classic Monsters cafe, seem to point in this direction. As is the case with all these new changes taking place at Universal Orlando Resort, everyone will be closely watching what happens, as well as what rumors will appear next.

Whatever happens at the original theme park that started it all for the Florida contingent, it may indicate what to expect as we approach the planned opening of Universal Epic Universe in 2025. In the meantime, we are saying goodbye to Williams from Hollywood Prop Shop, and the memories of the history of the park should be firmly stored in our hearts. Let’s hope that the cow from Twister: Ride It Out already has a good home or he will find it quickly.

If talking about minions got you excited, you’re in luck. Minions: The Rise of Gru opens this week, starting with early screenings on Thursday. Not to mention the fact that Peacock Premium subscribers can watch the first two “Despicable Me” movies at the time of writing this article; at the same time, minions are available both at the advertising and premium level.