The Change That WhatsApp Has Implemented Without You Noticing


WhatsApp: The privacy settings allow you to hide your profile picture, info., Status, last time. time and / or read receipts. Similarly, you may not see certain information about a contact, depending on their privacy settings.

If you can’t see the last hour time or the status of another person, it may be for any of the following reasons:

The contact changed their privacy settings to “Nobody.”

You changed the privacy setting for your last hour. turn to “Nobody” -a reversible process
The contact changed their privacy settings to “My contacts” and does not have your number saved in their mobile phone’s contact book. Make sure your contact has your number saved in their phone’s contact book so that you can see their profile information.
This person blocked you.
There is a temporary connectivity problem

The change of WhatsApp to protect from strangers

But let’s say you have the status activated so that everyone can see the last time you connected. This makes it possible for anyone who has you on WhatsApp, whether or not they are a contact of yours, can see the last time you connected, or if you are online at that time. That changes now, as WhatsApp has enabled new privacy measures to protect its users, preventing unknown contacts from getting your last view and online status if you’ve never chatted with them.

In this way, and for everyone who is not among your contacts, the app changes the default visibility of “Last seen” from “everyone” to “my contacts” on Android and iOS when they enter your profile. For the rest, that is, for your contacts that you have saved on your mobile, they will continue to be able to see your status if you have it activated.

Avoid being spied on

The reason for this change? According to the experts at WABetaInfo, if you visit the App Store or the Google Play Store “you can find some third-party applications that are capable of recording the last time they were seen and the online status of certain contacts. People use these apps to harass other WhatsApp users, to know when other people were online, but this was the only information they could get. ”

Thanks to the latest improvements to protect users, WhatsApp does not show the last time it was seen and the online status if it has never been chatted with another WhatsApp account. Since those third-party apps don’t have an active chat with you, they can’t see when you’re online anymore.