The chances of the CW series getting new chapters


Smallville was one of the series that marked the first decade of this new century. Throughout 11 seasons the show followed the path that Clark Kent (Tom Welling) traveled to become the greatest hero of all time, Superman.

The fate of Smallville remains a rumor, as it has not been confirmed by The CW or any potential producer or star of a possible sequel series, but rumors are beginning to emerge. There are chances?

According to recent data, plans and conversations for a Smallville sequel have begun, and The CW could be its place of rebirth again, after airing its episodes from 2006 to 2011.

It is possible to make a sequel for Smallville, since it is supposedly looking to consider the last graphic novels that were used during season 11, to create the new episodes of the sequel.

There was also talk about a new sequel that could be animated, these may not be the first rumors of a sequel for Smallville, but, as it is an animated series and by The CW, there is a lot of possibility of being realized.

With the popularity of the Arrowverse series and the crossovers with Smallville, it’s possible, in addition to the popularity the show managed to achieve. If this comes true, the announcement for the new Smallville animated series is expected to come in mid-November or late in the year.


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