The Chance of Fans to Get the Sixth Season of the Show


Although Blindspot ended its season 5 on NBC, many fans of the series have stated that it could have other seasons beyond the fifth. Are there possibilities for fans? What did its creator say about it?

Blindspot, tells the story of Jane (Jaimie Alexander), a mysterious woman who was found in New York and later became part of an important FBI team. The fifth season, he seems to want to give a negative result to Jane and other characters. However, this has created uncertainty.

Remember that Blindspot was planned for 5 seasons, however, we do not know if that was the real reason why it was canceled. The creator of the series, Martin Gero told a digital medium, the reason that caused the cancellation of the program.

Turns out the producer revealed that he always thought of Blindspot as a five-season arc. With that, the plot planned by Gero and his team is playing out that way. According to him reported, he always expected to see the team until season 5 and in the narrated story, this happens thanks to the villain Madeline (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).

Rumors from fans had speculated that Blindspot was coming to an end due to the drop in ratings. However, the creator of the series did not make any reference to this issue. This is what Gero explained:

“The ending is very close to what I thought it would be, which is exciting. When you have a five-year plan, the levels of detail are unclear at first, until you know where you can really go. ”

As of yet, there is no real justification for NBC to renew Blindspot for another season. If there was a way for the franchise to stay alive, it would be more suitable as a streaming show for Peacock or some other service.


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