The challenges of creating the Pokémon Sword and Shield


We caught up with Game Freak after the release of Crown Snows, the second part of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass for Switch.

Pokémon closed its trip to the Galar region this November, a territory that has hosted the Sword and Shield editions for Nintendo Switch from start to finish. Eight generations, the third in three dimensions, and a style that is gradually being forged to lead to the future that all fans expect. The Expansion Pass, comprised of The Isle of Armor and The Crown Snows, has shown that Game Freak knows where it wants to direct the series from now on. MeriStation has had the opportunity to talk with the Japanese study to answer some of our questions.

Las Nieves de la Corona, a variety of ecosystems and biomes

The main objective of Game Freak with Las Nieves de la Corona was not only to make a snowy territory, but to be able to offer an environment completely different from what we experienced a year ago in Galar. Cold, very cold, reminiscent of that unforgettable Puntaneva City of Sinnoh, but full of Legendaries. “The Snows of the Crown offer players a real change in the way they experience other environments in the Galar region, as well as a wide variety of new ecosystems that they had not seen in Sword and Shield,” they begin by saying. “The Snows in the Crown and the Pokémon that reside in it are incredibly rich and varied, which players will be able to enjoy and discover for themselves.” In fact, the long hundred new creatures included in the Crown Pokédex come from the previous seven generations, but why those and not others? Because they sought coherence in that selection and everything felt natural.

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