The challenges faced by Selena Gomez for her career


Texan singer and former Disney girl Selena Gomez reveals that at some point she felt pressured in her career and reveals other challenges she has faced

Selena Gomez experienced discrimination for being Latina, felt pressured to show more skin once she left Disney and admits that today she feels calm with her bipolar disorder.

In an interview with Allure magazine, the singer said that when she was little she had two discriminatory experiences that marked her, both with her father Ricardo Gomez, of Mexican descent. ”

They used a derogatory term to refer to him and I remember that he only told me: ‘Don’t say or do anything,’ “the singer said.

The experience was so strong that it prompted Selena to produce Living Undocumented, a documentary for Netflix that tells stories of undocumented immigrants and what they have to live due to the immigration policies of the United States.

She makes me angry. I knew that she touched me in many ways. A lot of my family was immigrant and they created a life here, “he said.

The “Rare” interpreter also revealed that after being a Disney star, a company to which she is grateful for her growth as an actress, she felt pressured to s3xualize in her videos.

I did things that did not represent me. There was more pressure to look older on my Revival album. I felt the need to show more skin and I think it was not that person, “he added.

The Texas native, who made it known months ago that she suffers from bipolar disorder, said she is still trying to process her diagnosis, but from an open and transparent perspective.

She had always had many different emotions and didn’t know how to control them well. It was complicated, but I think I’m happy to understand.

Once I learned more about myself, I was proud. I also felt comfortable knowing that I was not alone and that I was going to get through this. I will always be passionate about it and it’s something (mental health) I’ll keep talking about. ”

Justin Bieber’s ex did not miss the opportunity to comment on the public scrutiny to which she has been subjected as a public figure, on how her weight fluctuates due to the medications she takes to control the lupus she suffers and from her new line of cosmetics, Rare Beauty.

Similarly, the singer of Texan origin, Selena Gómez would also face various criticisms regarding her weight, the interpreter of “Lose You To Love Me” who also premiered a cooking show for the HBO network reveals how she has dealt with comments about your weight.

Her drastic weight loss worried millions of people, because in recent weeks and has received endless bad comments after the premiere of the song “Ice cream” in collaboration with Black Pink.

Does anyone else notice how skinny she is? “She looks so thin that it worries me”, and “Very thin, does anyone know what’s going on?” Were some comments made by Internet users.

So after these strong accusations, Selena broke the silence she had maintained and talked about the physical changes she has experienced derived from her condition, since as many of her followers know, she suffers from Lupus.

It is worth mentioning that this autoimmune disease attacks the tissues and organs themselves, including the heart, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, skin and joints.

I have become insecure. I also have lupus, so I fluctuate a lot with my weight, so I had to learn early on how to get tough when it comes to these things and understand that it doesn’t matter at all. It’s just hateful. That’s it, ”he revealed in an interview.

And it is that the same health condition of the talented artist keeps her constantly in steep gains and losses in weight, in addition to the medication that she must take which is for life.

That really affected me. My weight changes from month to month, if I’m honest. This type of comments affected me a lot ”, he confessed.

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