The challenge of gamification in schools and today


The COVID-19 pandemic is a real challenge not only for traditional forms of teaching, but also for new ones that are making their way, such as gamification in classrooms.

A few days before the new school start, doubts are in the air more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Italy, for example, 2.4 million individual desks have been purchased for students, external rooms have been set up for separation between children, millions of masks have been purchased to ensure the daily distribution of 11 million of them, 50,000 liters of disinfectant gel and the hiring of more than 80,000 new teachers to face the school year. There is nothing.

However, on the latter falls the difficult task of teaching, a verb already complicated in itself. And this is where dozens of factors come into play, such as gamification to cajole the student, either in person or remotely – which we hope will not be repeated, as it will mean that we are getting worse. It’s been talked about at length, but what exactly is gamification?

“Gamification, which is typically understood as the introduction of game techniques and concepts in places that have not traditionally used these resources, in its strictest sense would not make much sense in education, because education has always used those resources, naturally and in an organized way too ”, points out Javier Arévalo, Lead Game Engineer at Lingokids. “For example, an end-of-course exam can be considered a form of challenge similar to an end-of-phase ‘boss’, which requires the player to use all the techniques and resources acquired during the previous phase. We can find many examples of such parallels. Education and pedagogical techniques, both for young and old, of course evolve and adapt to changes in society, and they also learn and feed on new techniques and experiences that have appeared in video games, especially when they face new technological challenges. , like online teaching ”.

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