The challenge of developing an intergenerational game


The producer and director of Scarlet Nexus, the newest Bandai Namco, tell us about the experience of developing a game for both generations.

At the gates of the arrival of the new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X respectively, there are many video game studios that have encountered the challenge of creating a game that lands on both generations, both in the current as in the next-gen. Apparently it may seem like a simple task, since we might think that adding a few graphical and technical improvements to the same product is enough. Nothing is further from reality. As Keita Iizuka, producer, and Kenji Anabuki, director of Scarlet Nexus explain to us in an exclusive interview on MeriStation, it is quite a challenge. We will tell you about it in detail below.

The experience of developing a degree for both generations

“We are definitely planning to add the next generation of consoles (at the launch of Scarlet Nexus). It is something that we wanted from the beginning, to be able to provide that experience “, Iizuka begins clarifying, to which the director, Anabuki, adds:” In fact, I am currently in the development team and it was certainly a challenge develop for the current generation and the next-gen at the same time ”.

Among all the special technical characteristics that the hardware of the next generation consoles presents, what stands out in particular is the leap in graphic and technical quality that those works that take advantage of it will be able to make: “What is really enjoyable is that the framerate and resolution are greatly increased, so the experience is much richer than it was until now. Especially for RPG games where you constantly switch scenes it feels great that loading times are just a third of what they were before. This broadens our options, as we develop, significantly. ”

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This is an idea that many other development teams have joined in the past few months. As we learn more about the new generation of consoles and the experience of developing titles for it, we discover how at the end of this year 2020 we will experience a new revolution within the medium that will push the barriers and limits of console hardware to unsuspected limits.


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