The cast of the Disney animated series “Hamster and Gretel” has been announced [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant is very pleased to exclusively reveal the voice of the actors from “Hamster and Gretel”, the upcoming Disney Channel animated comedy series about superheroes. The new project, joining a summer full of recent superpowered shows like Ultraviolet and Black Scorpion, as well as Valley View Villains, stems from the brilliant mind of Phineas and Ferb creator Dan Povenmire.

Unhappy with having left his indelible mark on Disney television with Phineas and Ferb, Povenmire followed that appearance with another fan favorite: Milo Murphy’s Law. Although the action takes place in the same universe as its predecessor, a later series tells about a completely new character, and it stars none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic. This alone proves that casting can be a wild ride when dealing with Povenmire’s story, and the synopsis only further highlights how funny the events will be.

Hamster and Gretel, whose cast Screen Rant can now reveal on behalf of Disney, presented the concept to the world last week. Filled with music very similar to Phineas and Ferb, Hamster and Gretel focuses on Kevin and his younger sister Gretel, who were granted superpowers by mysterious space aliens. But due to a terrible string of setbacks that seem to haunt Kevin wherever he goes, it’s Gretel and her pet hamster (conveniently named Hamster) who get new abilities instead. Forced to defend the duties of an older brother, Kevin must learn to help Gretel and Hamster ensure the safety of their city, as well as protect themselves.

Meli Povenmire, who previously showed a penchant for comedic performances, got the main role of Gretel.

Hamzel and Gretel will also play Michael Cimino (just from the last season of the series “With Love, Victor”, which will premiere on June 15) as Gretel’s older brother Kevin and Bec Bennett (from “Saturday Night Live”) in the role of everyone’s favorite talking pet hamster.

Talented rising star Joey King (from the Netflix franchise “Kissing Booth”) portrays his tech-savvy cousin Fred. Completing the super family is Matt Jones (Bob Harts Abishola), who plays the good-natured father of the siblings, Dave; and Carolina Ravassa (Maya and Three) as their charismatic mother Caroline.

Take a look at the new poster presented exclusively by Screen Rant:

Inspired by the Powenmire creator’s own dynamic with his much younger sister, Hamster and Gretel seem ready to find exactly the combination of cordiality and humor that made the Emmy Award-winning Phineas and Ferb such a long-standing classic. Brandi Young, who previously worked not only on “Milo Murphy’s Law”, but also on “Family Guy”, is a producer. Joanna Hausmann will co—produce and edit the story, and Dorothea Gerasimova will be the art director.