The cast members of 90 Day Fiancé changed their bodies in the gym


Despite the fact that there was a lot of discussion about the actors of the TV series “90-day groom” who underwent weight loss surgery, many fans appreciate those who work out in the gym more. A number of franchise members have changed their lives (and their bodies) thanks to their commitment to regular workouts. In particular, several actors of the series “90-day groom” talked about their transformations in the gym on social networks.

The actors of the franchise shared numerous ways they lost weight. Significant weight loss in the franchise is often the result of bariatric surgery. Angela Dim and Tiffany Franco Smith are among the actors of the film “The 90-day groom” who covered their stomach surgeries the most. However, other actors, such as Molly Hopkins and Jorge Nava, have lost a lot of weight due to changes in diet and lifestyle. Meanwhile, a dozen more actors advertised supplements and weight loss products to their fans.

Fans of the franchise often cause criticism of actors who promote useless weight loss products. Many viewers do not like it when they are sold seemingly fragmentary supplements from the actors of the series “90-day groom”, which allegedly help people lose weight quickly. On the other hand, actors who attend the gym are among the most respected. Some actors have put a lot of effort into sculpting their bodies. They have developed muscles, in addition to losing weight.

Ben Rathbun

Ben Rathbun is not a popular cast member of the “90-day Groom” franchise, as he demonstrated creepy behavior in “90-Day Groom: Up to 90 Days.” However, many fans of the franchise admire Ben’s passion for fitness. Ben is in fantastic shape compared to anyone, let alone someone around the age of 50. Many fans of the franchise noted that the increase in muscle mass worked wonders with Ben’s appearance, because in past photos taken before he often worked out in the gym, he looked older and dumber. Muscle building has greatly improved Ben’s appearance.

Pedro Jimeno

Pedro Jimeno is known for his performances in the films “The 90-day Groom” and “Family Chantelle”, and he is also another actor who changed his body in the gym. After marrying Atlanta beauty Chantelle Jimeno, a native of the Dominican Republic, Pedro gained weight in the United States. He realized that he had gained weight, and decided to change not only his diet. Instead, he got carried away with training and believes that Thai boxing helped him lose extra pounds and develop a slim and muscular physique. Pedro likes to share his successes on social networks, as he is no stranger to shirtless photos.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko

Anfisa Arkhipchenko is one of several women in the “Groom for 90 Days” franchise who have demonstrated an amazing muscular figure thanks to a fitness transformation. She was known for her theatricality when she appeared on TLC. However, Anfisa turned her life around, starting a career in fitness after that. Now Anfisa is a certified personal trainer who likes to show off her incredibly toned body. The 90 Day Fianc star likes to flaunt her slender muscles and model workout clothes on social media.