The Case of the Deathloop Sequel


For most of its history, Arkane Studios has been known for the Dishonored series, in which players have to make stealth gameplay and moral choices, but in 2021, the studio took a break from its flagship franchise and released Deathloop. This eccentric game borrowed many elements from Dishonored, but brought many new features and tricks. The studio’s experiment with the new IP was a success, and the playing field is perfect for a sequel.

The new Deathloop game will give developers the opportunity to develop a new time loop through which players will be able to pass, which would be interesting, especially if Blackreef is abandoned for the sake of a new setting. It would also allow the developers to improve the first game, especially the stealth gameplay. Although there was no official announcement of the Deathloop sequel, the voice actors hinted at it.

The Deathloop sequel is a chance to explore a new loop

Deathloop takes place on the Black Reef, a strange island where time does not flow as one would expect. Colt washes up on the island, not remembering how he got there. He soon finds himself stuck in an endless time loop, and he will have to defeat the Seers of the Black Reef if he wants to return home. Although all the Visionaries stand in the way of Colt, his main rival is Julianna, and she is constantly hunting for him. It takes some time to solve puzzles and a few tense encounters with visionaries with big personalities, but Colt can escape from the Black Reef.

The death loop makes ends meet pretty well, and the sequel will have a hard time focusing on Cole again. Therefore, the Deathloop sequel will be a good opportunity for Arkane Studios to explore a new loop with a new protagonist, new visionaries and a new setting. It would also make it easier for newcomers to move on to the series without having to play the previous game. Despite the fact that “Black Reef” was a well-thought-out setting that brought a lot of surprises, the study of time loops in the new setting would guarantee new storylines that even veterans of the series can enjoy.

Deathloop Sequel May Improve on Its Predecessor

Upon release, Deathloop was well received, which shouldn’t be a surprise, since Arkane Studios has a lot of experience with first-person shooters thanks to the Dishonored series. Critics praised the complex plot and the way the game plays over time. The game has also been praised for its stunning visuals and the way it gives players multiple ways to fight enemies. While Deathloop is impressive, Arkane Studios has a lot to improve on, and it could be done in a sequel.

The most important thing that developers need to improve in the sequel is the stealth gameplay. Despite the fact that it is possible to sneak past enemies, the stealth mechanics seem to be unfinished, and gamers do not have many opportunities to be creative, deciding to follow the path of stealth. A Deathloop sequel could fix this by taking notes from franchises like Metal Gear Solid and giving players more tools to help with stealth strategies. Gadgets that will make players look like another Eternalist, or sticky traps to keep enemies in place for a moment, will do a lot to make stealth gameplay more fun.

Earlier this year, Jason Kelly, who voices Colt, tweeted an image of him in the recording studio along with the hashtag Deathloop, and this led gamers to assume that a sequel could be in development. This would be a good move for Arkane Studios, as Deathloop has great potential as a franchise, especially if the multiplayer aspects are expanded. I hope this is not the last gamer who sees Deathloop.


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