The cancellation of Batgirl by WB makes the return of DCEU Superman certain, right?


The cancellation of the Batgirl movie could make Superman’s return to the DCEU more likely. Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced that it has canceled the release of a movie about Batgirl, in which Leslie Grace was to play the main role, as well as the return of Bruce Wayne/Batman Michael Keaton after appearing in The Flash, as well as the villain Firefly, played by Brendan Fraser. While the cancellation of “Batgirl” is amazing and certainly a huge disappointment for the cast, crew and viewers looking forward to the film’s release, its removal from the release schedule could mean the return of DC’s main superhero: Superman.

The shocking cancellation of Batgirl occurred after the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery, which was completed in April 2022. At the time, it was reported that the new head of Warner Bros. Discovery’s David Zaslav is considering overhauling DC characters. it will be used in future films and on television. The cancellation of Batgirl, as well as the lack of major new DCEU announcements at SDCC this year, may indicate that this overhaul is currently under development. In addition to Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming film “Black Adam,” Zachary Levy’s second appearance in Shazam! “Rage of the Gods” and the accidental leak of information about the return of Ben Affleck in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” — little is known about the future list of DCEU. Even the prospects of “The Flash” are still hanging in the air, given the dubious role of Michael Keaton, as well as various legal issues concerning Ezra Miller.

It was reported that Warner Bros. Discovery wants to focus on its DC characters only for mass-event-style movies, and Batgirl doesn’t currently meet those requirements. Matt Reeves’ “Batman” is most likely exempt from the same scrutiny that Batgirl faced from WBD, since it is not related to the complex DCEU and has itself proven itself well at the global box office. Starting with Black Adam and Shazam! 2, like Aquaman 2, are big movies that can benefit from what came before, so their releases are most likely safe. Wonder Woman, whose first DCEU film was highly acclaimed and had good box office returns, but whose sequel ran into difficulties both because of the Covid-19 pandemic and because of a much more convoluted storyline, also probably still has a future, just like her. one of DC’s most iconic characters. Another character who is currently missing from this list, but who is just as resilient, if not more so, than Batman and Wonder Woman is Superman. If the new combination of Warner Bros. Discovery hopes to return to large-scale films at the event level, few events will attract as much attention as the return of Superman to the big screen.

WB’s Drive for Entertainment Demands Big Movies

WBD has inherited a heavy legacy when it comes to DCEU. While many individual objects are loved and widely popular, such as the first films “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman”, “Shazam!”, “Suicide Squad” by James Gunn and the constant appearances of Zack Snyder in “Snyderverse”, including the debut of Henry Cavill as Superman in “The Man from steel”, there is no comprehensive cohesion of the DCEU. However, there is enough that works, and it would be wise for the IAP to decide to build on what was before. Their strategy of focusing on big movies doesn’t have to be a bad one if it’s done for the right reasons and with care—although it shouldn’t come at the expense of already-made movies like “Batgirl.”

If WBD is looking for great entertainment movies, Superman is the answer. The return of Superman now may be exactly the strategy that Warner Bros. is looking for. Discovery. It would be possible to organize his return without the need to reboot those franchises that work, such as Shazam! and Aquaman, and may indicate the beginning of a new era of WBD in the DCEU. Rebooting the entire DCEU, which is one of the few options left to WBD at the moment, risks the same backlash as Zack Snyder’s departure. However, respecting what came before and respecting the outdated characters that DC offers can be crucial.

Superman is the answer for WB, whether they like it or not

Before the official launch of SDCC 2022, there were rumors about the possible return of Henry Cavill to Hall H for the presentation of DC Comics. Although it was unlikely at the time, the amount of excitement and fervor caused by the simple idea of Superman’s return perfectly demonstrated how much Superman is really loved and how eagerly viewers welcome his return to the DCEU. The continued success of “Superman and Lois,” one of the few DC/Arrowverse series left on the CW, should also indicate how relevant the character remains. Even if Henry Cavill, unfortunately, decides not to return as Superman, a remake without rebooting the entire franchise is always possible.


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