The brutal truth behind Berlin’s death and constant return


Despite the many terrible things he said and did, La Casa de Papel character Berlin was also extremely charismatic and Alonso had a presence on the electric screen.

The decision to kill Berlin was likely born out of the belief that there would only be one heist, and that if La Casa de Papel was not going to return, then its silver-tongued antihero might well be put out in a blaze of glory.

However, after Berlin was killed in a hail of bullets, Netflix acquired the exclusive global broadcast rights to La Casa de Papel and the show became an international surprise.

Fortunately, the La Casa de Papel structure already had a built-in way of getting around Berlin’s rather final death: flashbacks. When the rest of the gang returned to rob the Bank of Spain in La Casa de Papel season 3, so did Berlin.

The Casa de Papel introduced a former criminal associate from Berlin, Palermo, to play an equally antagonistic role within the gang, gradually revealing the details of Berlin and Palermo’s history.

Whether you love it, hate it or love it hating it, Berlin will return for the final chapter of Netflix’s Spanish series of the Bank of Spain heist in La Casa de Papel season 5.

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