The brutal story of the fourth season of “Wild West World” teases James Marsden


Star James Marsden, who returns to the series after an absence of season 3, teases us with a cruel story and themes of season 4 of “Wild West World”. The HBO science fiction series was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy based on the 1973 film Wild West World, written and directed by Michael Crichton, author of the Jurassic Park novels. The first season of “The World of the Wild West” begins in the Wild West theme park of the same name, where the owners live, who allow highly paid visitors to indulge in wild and cruel fantasies without fear of consequences. As the hosts gradually regain consciousness and escape from the Wild West World, the show deviates further and further from its concept of an amusement park.

Evan Rachel Wood previously led the Wild West World ensemble as main lead Dolores Abernathy, who sacrificed herself to destroy the dominant supercomputer known as Rehoboam at the end of season 3. In season 4 of Wild West World, Wood will play a mysterious new character resembling Dolores, a writer. named Kristina, who lives in a futuristic city with her roommate, played by recent Oscar winner Ariana Debose (“West Side Story”). Kristina is also dating a man played by James Marsden, who also seems to be playing a new character after his absence in season three.

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During a recent interview with EW, Marsden talked about his return to the “Wild West World” and hinted at the violent history and themes of season 4. According to the actor, the upcoming season will continue to explore humanity’s propensity for violence and control, as well as whether the hosts will inherit these urges. Read what Marsden said below:

The topics of studying human motives for violence and similar things will continue. And this season, perhaps, we will explore what the world looks like after Dolores freed humans and robots. Will they cooperate or will they fight for power? What happens when they vie for power? Will the owners inherit these impulses to violence? Some of the main things that we continue to explore in this series, and definitely in season 4 — we ask a lot of such questions. What happens next?

Marsden’s character, Teddy, committed suicide in season two when Dolores reprogrammed him to become a ruthless killer, something his master brain couldn’t handle. Dolores also died at the end of season 3, but it looks like the former host lovers will now reunite in season 4 of Wild West World, as they take different forms outside the park. Despite the fact that the setting and characters of the show have changed over time, “Wild West World” continues to explore the same basic themes, such as violence, consciousness, self-awareness, memory, free will and human nature.

From the very beginning of the show, Wild West World has largely revolved around the spectacle of violence, famously advertising the phrase “These cruel pleasures have cruel ends”—a quote from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which is repeated many times throughout the series. Since Dolores destroyed Rehoboam and freed all the people and warriors, and Galores gathered a military army, the 4th season of “Wild West World” may turn out to be the most violent season of the show. The wait has come to an end: the premiere of the fourth season of “Wild West World” will take place on June 26 on HBO.