The brother of “Real Housewives” star Teresa Giudice is apparently responding to rumors of a feud spreading after He didn’t attend her wedding


The self-proclaimed “love bubble” of Teresa Giudice with businessman Luis “Louis” Ruelas now no one can burst, since they got married on August 6 in the home state of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star. A mile-high wedding hairstyle and a cake for the groom at the celebrations were indeed something else, but perhaps even more shocking was the discovery that Giudice’s only brother, Joe Gorga, was not present at the wedding, nor was his family. As a result, rumors are spreading like wildfire that the siblings are in the midst of a feud (once again). Gorga seems to have answered all the conversations, but it’s not exactly comforting, anyway.

Why Joe Gorga didn’t attend Teresa Giudice’s wedding

First, let’s talk about what allegedly divided the infamous reality TV family before the wedding. The ceremony itself was not filmed by Bravo, but according to several Daily Mail insiders, there was a major fight between Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga during the filming of the finale of the 13th season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” shortly before the big day. Apparently, the two women/co-stars got into a shouting match, which was based on allegations that Melissa was cheating on a family friend named Nick Barotta.

One of the sources of the publication categorically denied the rumors of fraud, saying that it was “ridiculous” and “comical”. Teresa Giudice was reportedly the first to spread the rumor among the actors of the show — she was accused of this before in relation to her partner in the film Jackie Goldschneider and her husband in past years. There was a fight between Giudice and Melissa Gorga, and it was said that Joe Gorga had to be restrained from fighting Luis Ruelas amid the hype.

Joe Gorga reacts to big sister’s beef?

Since then, Teresa Giudice’s brother has been posting several mysterious messages on his Instagram. On July 21, just two weeks before Luis Ruelas’ wedding, Joe Gorga signed a photo describing how even when an unnamed person he loved “offended” him, he still “tried to understand” them. Then, on August 9, a few days after it became known about his absence from the wedding, Gorga in response suggested that he was not fully understood.

It’s hard to say exactly what that means right now. But in any case, in Gorga’s eyes, someone is wrong.

Now, as fans of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” know, the Giudices and Gorgs are known for their internal fights. In earlier seasons of the reality show, a massive family feud broke out after Teresa Giudice claimed that Melissa Gorga used to be a prostitute. It reached such a boiling point that Joe and Teresa’s then-first husband (also named Joe) got into a fight over it, which eventually led to everyone not talking for years. It’s also the origin story of the viral “Sad Song” that Will Smith and other celebrities tend to use.

In the end, however, brothers, sisters and relatives solved their problems. But even more recently, in the last season of RHONJ (now it is broadcast on Peacock Premium), the brother and sister were at odds again. Teresa Giudice openly criticized the Gorgas for not supporting Luis Ruelas in response to questions related to his good name. (Previous partners have accused Ruelas of domestic violence, and fans continue to assume that he is with Giudice just to be on television.) Meanwhile, the Gorgs were angry at Giudice for not standing up for them in their dispute with co-star Jennifer. Aydin. In fact, at the Season 12 reunion, Joe walked off the stage when Teresa doubled down on her behavior and called him a “bitch boy.”

Oddly enough, they looked like they had it all worked out again (with a little therapy led by reunion host Andy Cohen). But this new season 13 drama suggests that perhaps the Giudice-Gorg saga will never be fully resolved, especially if they have something to say about it.…


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