The broken Elven Ring Boss has become very complicated again with the latest update


The latest update of Elden Ring is dedicated to fixing problems from the previous update, such as a bug that turned the most difficult boss of the game FromSoftware into a constantly recovering monster.

“Fixed a Malenia bug that caused her HP to not heal properly in a multiplayer online environment,” reads the welcome line from the official patch notes of the publisher Bandai Namco, which undoubtedly made thousands of Elden Ring players breathe a sigh of relief at the same time.

I think we can all agree that fighting Malenia is the biggest obstacle in the Elden Ring. She may look easy when experienced players like Let Me Solo Her get down to business, but the Blade of Michella and the Goddess of Rot is a legendary warrior, which she owes to the game’s lore.

Malenia’s inherent difficulty increased tenfold earlier this month when patch 1.04 accidentally gave her the ability to heal herself with every attack while playing online. It didn’t even matter if her sword hit you, which caused her to regenerate before the bug appeared. She could just hit empty air and restore health.

The fight certainly didn’t become impossible, but the sight of Malenia erasing the progress you had made by that point, even when you skillfully dodged every attack, was disappointing. Even someone as familiar with the boss as Let Me Solo Her described Malenia as “a nightmare to fight” while the bug was active.

Other, lesser-known issues have apparently also been fixed. For some bosses, such as Godskin Duo and Fire Giant, all health bars were depleted due to bleeding or simply died when moving to the second phase. There have also been reports that the final boss doesn’t use all of his attacks, which simplifies the fight, which is usually a huge climax.

Although Elden Ring is certainly not as exciting as previous patches, after today’s update, the game should become much more stable. Fingers crossed, everything has been fixed without introducing any more weirdness.