The bright future of Xbox Series X / S


We review all the games on the way for Microsoft’s next-generation console, which this time has many more studios behind it, such as Bethesda.

There are dates that are simply special. Dates that shake us inside and cause all the butterflies that live in our stomach to fly away. The days of birthdays, graduations and the Three Kings. Those of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The day our summer vacation begins and the day our children are born, or we get married. Among all of them there is one in particular that all readers of this page have in common. It is the premiere day of a new console. An event that occurs once every seven years, or what is the same, less frequently than the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Even shooting stars are more common. Therefore, this week is made up of seven days of joy and festivity for video game fans, as will the next. In her case due to the launch of PlayStation 5 and in her case due to the departure of Xbox Series X / S, which we hope is already in the house of many of you. Microsoft has remained in charge of kicking off the next gen and we have believed that there is no better way to celebrate the occasion than by remembering its magnificent future. Because thanks to the new strategy of the company, which has been reinforcing its internal studies based on a checkbook for years (no one will forget the purchase of Bethesda), we have more developers than ever to keep track of and more games underway of which you could think at first. So we’ve put together a list of all the Xbox Games Studios first party developers and all the projects they are involved in, all the games on the way. So that your hype flaps its wings as much as those happy butterflies.

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