The Bridgertons Chronicle: What to expect next?


The Bridgerton Chronicle has been a hit on Netflix. But what should we expect for season 2? We tell you everything!

The Bridgertons Chronicle is a revelation on Netflix. It has been so successful that season 2 is eagerly awaited.

The Bridgertons Chronicle is a real phenomenon that has been very successful on Netflix. It rained so much that it set audience records.

Eh yes ! In just one month, she was seen by 82 million people. It is therefore the most viewed series in Netflix history. Incredible isn’t it!

Many people are impatiently awaiting the rest. What will happen in the next season broadcast on the platform?

The answer is in the book already available from J’ai Lu editions. Indeed, volumes 1 and 2 have been republished as a single book.

In fact, the author, Julia Quinn, published 8 novels between 2000 and 2006. Each volume is dedicated to one person. The first season was dedicated to Daphné (Phoebe Dynevor).

Note that season 2 will therefore be devoted to Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), or Daphne’s brother. And one thing is certain, lots of cool things will happen!

More will be known about the Bridgertons’ father, who died years ago. In season 1, we don’t know so many details about his death.

The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix): what to expect next?


However, in season 2, Anthony will give more details about the circumstances of his father’s death. Be extra careful, as there have been plenty of clues already at the end of Season 1 of The Bridgerton Chronicle.

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Eh yes ! An episode in which a bee appeared said a lot about the death of the padre.

And that’s not all ! In the next season, new characters may well land. Like the Sheffield family for example.

The love story will also be different from that of Season 1. The beautiful romance between Daphne and Simon is over! As the lovers quickly fell for each other, it will take longer in Book 2.

You can also experience a croquet match. In the second book of The Bridgertons, Lady Bridgerton invited young women to Aubrey Hall. Simon, Daphné, Colin and Benedict will therefore be together again.

You are most likely wondering, will Siena Rosso (Sabrina Bartlett), Anthony’s former mistress, make an appearance in season 2?

In the book, she doesn’t exist. However, another character of the same name will therefore make an appearance. This is none other than Maria Rosso, who is also an opera singer.

And also Anthony’s ex. We can therefore imagine that Siena will return in season 2 of the series. We can’t wait to see the sequel to The Bridgertons’ Chronicle on Netflix.


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