The Bridgerton Chronicle: Regé-Jean Page millionaire!


The Bridgerton Chronicle star already looks as rich as Croesus. Regé-Jean Page, known thanks to Netflix would be a millionaire!

Netflix has gone strong with its all-new period series The Bridgertons Chronicle. If the show appeals to its followers, it is in part thanks to its actor, Regé-Jean Page. Not a little proud of his success, he already has an incredible amount in the bank. What to make jealous, after all!

No need to introduce you to The Chronicle of the Birdgerton. This Netflix series has succeeded in gaining the loyalty of a fanbase with a small onion plot against a historical backdrop.

We immerse ourselves in the daily life of a golden youth in London during the time of the English Regency in the 19th century. We therefore follow the Duke of Hastings, embodied by the now famous Regé-Jean Page.

Suffice to say that the latter has a whole bunch of fans who follow him. Our beautiful kid is for some and some the only reason to follow the show elsewhere …

Either way, the show’s success is here and our 31-year-old British-Zimbabwean actor is proud of it. Especially since it is already showing a good fortune.

It must be said that this actor was not revealed by Netflix and already played comedy in small roles. Starting with Harry Potter in the penultimate film and of course a role in For The People.

La Chronique des Bridgerton (Netflix): Regé-Jean Page already a millionaire!


The Netflix star has charmed his audience with his rave performance in the Bridgerton Chronicle. And the success does not seem to wane.

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to remain humble in the face of this new success or if it will rise to his head. Yep, some say fame and money change a man.

We hope in any case that Duke Simon Basset of Bridgerton will be humble. He is young, handsome and extremely wealthy as evidenced by Life & Style Magazine.

From the pages of it, we learn that he has an estimated fortune of over $ 1.5 million. An amount to be put into perspective with her career debut in 2004, in a short film by Laura Baylem: Troublemaker.

What is certain is that the handsome kid from the Netflix series also manages to make us laugh. On Saturday Night Live, the British actor even parodied his own role and it was hilarious!

On Instagram, he can boast of having a loyal community, with over 5 million subscribers. If he is discreet about his private life, everything suggests that he is no longer truly single …

If nothing is confirmed on his side, the paparazzi have already seen him in the streets of London with a young woman by his side. Information that comes to us from Daily Mail and that is likely to break your heart!


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