The Bridgerton Chronicle: Nicola Coughlan injured a co-star


Behind the scenes of the Bridgerton Chronicle filming! Nicola Coughlan tells us how she hurt Claudia Jessie …

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes on the set of the Bridgerton series! Nicola Coughlan confides on the underside of the Netflix series.

A few days ago, Nicola Coughlan was interviewed remotely for the UK show This Morning. Much to the delight of the fans, the actress then shared anecdotes about The Bridgerton Chronicle.

Indeed, many accidents took place on the set … Heeled shoes and period costumes require agility and a certain mastery.

Unsurprisingly, the actress who plays Penelope in Bridgerton admits that she had trouble walking with her massive costume and umbrella. In fact, her parasol has caused her to injure her friend Claudia Jessie!

Nicola Coughlan tells us: “I fell forward very quickly. I stabbed Claudia Jessie in the hand and it spilled blood. ”

But that’s not all ! She also explains that it was her first day AND her first meeting with her co-star!

More fear than harm, the injury was minimal! In fact, Claudia Jessie does not hold it against her: “She forgave me, we are still friends”.


In that same interview, Nicola Coughlan aka Penelope Featherington doesn’t stop there! She tells us that she fell three times on her first day on the set of Season 1 of The Chronicle of Bridgerton!

Not used to walking in heels, she explains: “It became clear pretty quickly, from my first day, that I couldn’t walk in those heels. ”

After injuring her friend Claudia Jessie, she also fell several times… She then explains: “So I was walking during a scene and all of a sudden, with my corset and everything I had, I no longer had central force, so I completely rocked and landed on the ground. ”

After her first crash in front of her Bridgerton co-actors, she confesses, “I stood up and thought, ‘This will never happen again,’ and it happened twice more. “


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