The Bridgerton Chronicle: Lady Whisledown is here!


** Attention Spoiler on The Bridgertons Chronicle! ** The actress played by the famous and secret Lady Whisledown confides in season 2!

** Attention Spoiler on The Bridgertons Chronicle! ** The actress played by the famous and secret Lady Whisledown opens up about season 2!

If you’ve watched the entire Bridgerton Chronicle Season 1, you don’t know who Lady Whisledown is! Like Gossip Girl, each episode of the show intrigued us even more about her identity before being revealed at the last minute …

Do not panic ! There will be a sequel and therefore a season 2 of The Bridgerton Chronicle on Netflix.

A few hours ago, actress Nicola Coughlan aka Penelope Featherington opened up about the long-awaited sequel! Unfortunately for the fans, she is forced to hide her game a bit.

As fans of The Bridgerton Chronicle wonder, actress Nicola Coughlan lets us know what she knows! “They keep everything super, super secret, so I don’t really know. Believe me, we speculated a lot with the other actors. I text a lot of Claudia Jessie (who plays her girlfriend Eloise on screen). I’ve speculated a lot about storylines and I’m just trying to apply logic … where I’m not sure if logic will actually work. »She confides then.

Nicola Coughlan therefore asks herself a thousand and one questions and continues as follows: “She is surely rich because of Whistledown. But what will that mean for her now? I don’t know who will take over the family title. Will Eloise find out who Whistledown is? I don’t know any of this. I am honestly as curious as you are. I hope Netflix will order season 2 ″.

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Knowing that the show is adapted from the novels of the same name by Julia Quinn, the actress continues: “If we are confirmed [for season 2], the first thing I will do is reread Volume 2! One of the things that stood out to me is that the fans all have their favorite love stories and connect with this couple. Many are talking about Gregory Bridgerton and what will happen to him, knowing he’s still 12 years old on the show at the moment … ”


In fact, in the novels, it’s also Penelope Featherington who plays Lady Whistledown. However, the prod hesitated to follow this story and Lady Whistledown was very nearly another character.
Indeed, creator Chris Van Dusen revealed to us that other characters were considered to embody this Gossip Girl from London. “All options have been explored,” he said.
When writing the scripts for The Bridgertons Chronicle, the prod didn’t want Penelope to be Lady Whistledown. They then thought of Lady Danburys, Lady Violet, Daphne but also Eloise!

But history has it that it was Penelope. Will she remain so in the rest of the series? Case to be continued …


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