The Bridgerton Chronicle: fans ready to boycott the series!


On social networks, several fans of La Chronique des Bridgerton (Netflix) have called for a boycott since the departure of Regé-Jean Page!

Just a few days ago, The Bridgertons (Netflix) Instagram account broke some very bad news to fans. Regé-Jean Page aka the Duke of Hastings will not be present in season 2.


On the Instagram account of The Bridgerton Chronicle (Netflix), fans read: “All eyes are on Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s quest to find a viscountess.”

The Bridgerton Chronicle Instagram account (Netflix) also added: “We say goodbye to Regé-Jean Page. He played the Duke of Hastings with such triumph. We will miss Simon’s screen presence. ”

The account also revealed: “But he will always be part of the Bridgerton family. Daphne will remain a devoted wife and sister. Helping his brother navigate the next season of social events ”.

Finally, the account concluded, “And what it has to offer – so much more intrigue and romance than my readers can handle.” For his part, Regé-Jean Page said his farewell to the series on Instagram.

The Netflix actor wrote, “The run of a lifetime. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be your Duke. Join this family, not only on screen, but also off screen. ”

He also confessed: “Our incredibly creative and generous team, our exceptional fans… All of this is beyond anything I could have imagined. This love is real and will continue to grow ”.


Fans of The Bridgertons (Netflix) have called for a boycott of the series. On social networks, they also expressed their anger following the departure of the Duke. They want his return at all costs.

They wrote to the creators of Netflix: “Bridgerton season 2 without Regé-Jean Page? In short cancel at the same time eh. “But also” Bridgerton season 2 without regé jean page? Unacceptable ”.

Other fans have petitioned for the return of Regé-Jean Page. In an interview with Variety, the latter explained the reason for his absence. He said he only signed for one season.

The Netflix actor also revealed, “I’ve always been told this is a one-season story arc. There will be a beginning, a middle and an end. That’s what interested me because it looks like a limited series. ”

“I can come in, make history and then the Bridgerton family carry on without me. What’s totally different with this kind of series is that audiences feel that the story arcs have to end. ”

The Bridgertons’ Chronicle comedian concluded, “They know it, so you can really move them. And take them on board with us. Because they will follow us until the wedding. Or when the baby is born ”.


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