The Bridgerton Chronicle: All About Lady Whistledown


The mystery surrounding Lady Whistledown remains unanswered … This is the series everyone is raving about on Netflix. Season 1 of The Bridgertons is a huge success on the platform.

It must be said that history has it all. And if there is one character that arouses the curiosity of Internet users, it must be Lady Whistledown.

In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, each episode is narrated by a certain Lady Whistledown. The latter therefore publishes a daily post about the latest gossip from the Royal Court.

Like an old-time Gossip Girl, Lady Whistledown knows every character’s inner secrets. She analyzes the balls held at the Queen’s, she reveals unspeakable secrets and she destroys relationships.

So who is the famous Lady Whistledown who spares no one? In Season 1, Éloïse Bridgerton leads the investigation to get her hands on it. But in vain.


After having suspected the Queen, Eloise finally turned to the seamstress. She is none other than the lover of her brother Geneviève Delacroix.

If you have not completed the series, we recommend that you do not read the following. Against all odds, Lady Whistledown is therefore none other than the kind Penelope Featherington.

At the very end of season 1, the young woman is revealed as well. In an interview with The Wrap, the series creator justified this choice.

“We wanted to evolve Penelope from the start of the Brigerton adventure, and therefore give Netflix subscribers who haven’t read the novels a little more material,” he said.

The pretty redhead who is therefore very reserved by nature is indeed visible at certain times when she should not be. That’s when she writes down what she sees before transcribing it in the famous gazette.

At the moment, only viewers know the identity of Lady Whistledown. The characters of the series, they are always in the most complete fog.


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