The Bridgerton Chronicle a new error spotted at Eloise!


In the series The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, broadcast on Netflix, a new error was pointed out for the character of Eloise.

In The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, which aired on Netflix, audiences noticed a big mistake in Eloise’s story arc. Have you noticed her?

Have you noticed any errors in The Chronicle of the Bridgertons series, which airs on Netflix? There are in full! In fact, Internet users keep finding new ones.

Thus, they have just put their finger on a detail detected in Eloise’s narrative arc. Ouch! Besides, this error is so huge that it is difficult to miss it.

In short, Daphne’s younger sister loves to hide in the garden at night to smoke an industrial cigarette and relax. However, it is impossible for this young woman to smoke this type of product.

And for good reason, cigarettes were not sold until after the 1830s. However, the Netflix series is set in 1813. So Eloise could not have bought such modern cigarettes before everyone else.

At that time, smokers often used a pipe. So, this is a big mistake for the writers of The Bridgertons! Oops!

In any case, that’s not the only mistake internet users have discovered in the Bridgertons Chronicle, adapted from the novels by Julia Quinn.


Thus, we can see the first error in the Netflix show from the first episode! In short, we can see a yellow line on the road. However, the yellow lines that mark the inability to park did not appear until the 1950s.

Another thing: in one scene we can see the handsome Simon on horseback, we can make out posters through the windows. And for good reason the building is none other than a Primark. So the production must not have anticipated the eagle eyes of Netflix viewers!

So many small details that have greatly annoyed Internet users. So much so that they did not hesitate to share their anger on social media.

Fortunately, the biggest fans of the Bridgerton Chronicle preferred to turn a blind eye to all its mistakes! So we can read a ton of posts on Twitter.

“Roll on season 2 of the bridgerton chronicle, it’s too hot this series !! “,” Too disgusted to have finished The Bridgertons Chronicle “,” Can we fall in love with a series? The Bridgertons’ chronicle is incredible. ”

Or: “The Bridgertons Chronicle I could watch it without stopping if tomorrow I didn’t have class…. “I just finished the Bridgertons Chronicle I’m so good it was too good.”

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience before discovering the rest of the adventures. Filming should start in March. Patience!


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