The bride arranges a bachelorette party in the style of Luigi


For a long time, Valuigi was considered an extremely forgotten ordinary character from all the properties of Nintendo, but this did not prevent him from becoming an Internet sensation. The lanky, purple-clad antagonist has become a cult among Nintendo fans, and memes with Valuigi regularly appear on social networks. One group of friends decided to show their love for Valuigi in a big way by arranging a whole bachelorette party in the theme of Valuigi.

First appearing more than 20 years ago in Mario Tennis of the 2000s, Valuigi acts as a foil for Luigi, in much the same way that Vario is a foil for Mario. Valuigi’s relationship with Vario has never been clarified due to theories that they are also brothers, cousins, or even just friends with common rivals. Since then, he has appeared in the vast majority of Super Mario games, most recently he appeared in Super Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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On August 5, a TikTok user named Cherry Sorbet posted a video of a full-fledged Valuigi bachelorette party. Seven guests, each dressed as a different version of the Nintendo character, took turns talking to the camera in the bathroom, presenting their version and who they thought would be the drunkest by the end of the night. Options include: Cowboy, Sexy Firefighter, Cult, Chef, Strongman, Pirate and Elvis Valuigi. Most of the visitors chose the Elvis version, with Elvis Valuigi thinking it would be the Pirate Valuigi, despite admitting that she herself is the bride.

Each of the costumes seems well thought out, and each version of Valuigi contains thoughtful details. Some highlights include a ouija board with the character’s signature “wow” smeared all over it, a Valuigi Strongman dumbbell “Chain of Chains” and a parrot-themed Vario pirate Valuigi. Elvis Valuigi’s outfit is especially intricate, he is dazzled by piranha plants and various Super Mario items. The whole idea is clearly a success with viewers, collecting almost a million likes, and reposts get thousands more. Two friends had to cancel the bachelorette party before the bachelorette party took place, which could explain why no one took advantage of Valuigi’s promising new render.

For those who are interested, a follow-up video announced that the draw between Pirate Valuigi and Elvis Valuigi was the drunkest. Valuigi’s bachelorette party is likely to generate celebrations on a similar theme and is a testament to how extremely popular the character is, despite the fact that he has never been in the spotlight. Although Valuigi is still missing from the Super Smash Bros. roster, we hope fan events like the bachelorette party will send a strong enough signal to Nintendo that the character finally gets his due.


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