The ‘bracelet’ that informs the mood of the employees


The wristband, which reports the mood of the employees, developed for companies that switched to the home-to-work system with the coronavirus epidemic, is called Moodbeam.

Although it resembles a simple silicone bracelet in appearance, this bracelet has buttons coded in yellow and blue colors and connects to the mobile application. In this way, it enables the employees to report their mood to their manager. The system was developed for the use of companies that want to monitor the mental health of people working from home in the coronavirus epidemic.

Is it blue or yellow? Moodbeam bracelet

Millions of people shut down at home due to the epidemic had to adjust their work routines according to the epidemic. As such, millions of people who left their safe areas faced various mental disorders. Developed in the UK, this bracelet allows companies to track the mood of their employees when they switch to the home-working system.

The working logic of the bracelet is quite simple. This device, which is made of silicone, has blue and yellow buttons. Among these buttons, the yellow color indicates that the person is happy, and the blue button indicates that he is sad. The wristband paired with the mobile application is sent to the manager in the form of a notification when interacting with the wristband over the employee’s name.

The manager also learns that the employee is happy or sad and takes action accordingly. Managers can monitor the mood of the employees throughout the week on a special panel prepared for them.

Christina Colmer McHugh, one of the founders of Moodbeam, states that the system will respond to the current need. “Businesses can no longer see the mood of employees physically. But with this system, a manager can ask 500 people “Are you okay?” Without picking up their phone.

The feedback about the wristbands used in some companies in the UK is very positive. UK-based charity named Brave Mind is one of the workplaces using Moodbeam, and employees actively interact with the wristband.


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