THE BOYZ Yonghoon Got an Offensive DM Due to Vocal Problems


In the online community, THE BOYZ’s private message to Yonhoon is being circulated online, and Bs are expressing how hurt they will be if they receive rude words like THIS.

Offensive message to Deobi Yonghun from THE BOYZ attracted attention

On December 28, a post about Yonhoon from THE BOYZ on an online community forum sparked a discussion among K-pop fans. The post contains a screenshot from Bubble, a fan communication app used by the band.

The screenshot shows a conversation between Yonhoon and a fan.

The photo was translated as:

Yonghoon: I can’t show you my side that you’ll like right away, but I can show you my side that will continue to improve.

Fan: It’s funny that you’re still trying to practice, even though it’s been 5 years since your debut. Please practice more, I’m so embarrassed (because of you) that I can’t even say, “I like THE BOYZ.”

Yonghoon: Thank you for the nice words. Aja aja fights!

As soon as the post spread across Internet communities, netizens expressed different opinions about the fan’s remark and attitude to the idol.

“If you’re going to send something like that, why pay money for it (bubble)? Maybe you should have spent that money on something else, like drinking or something like that…”
“It doesn’t matter that you don’t call yourself a fan too often?”

“How can you say that to Kim Yong-hoon? How can you do this? You will find out if he sends you a personal message that he is a person who is trying to show himself on the good side, and he wants to repay as much as possible. he was loved every day. He wants to try to express everything. […] If you’re going to do that, just don’t send him a DM.”
The reason why Yonghun was recalled, the idol’s response to the offensive DM

The Boyz Younghoon Hyunjae, princes who appeared at Fashion Week

Yonghoon and his group have been criticized in recent weeks. THE BOYZ, who actively participated in numerous award ceremonies, music festivals and concerts at the end of the year from the end of November to December, caused criticism and doubts about their abilities.

This was after Yonghoon, Jacob and Hyunjae performed on SBS Gayo Daejeon in collaboration with the legendary Korean band Jaurim on December 24.

People called it a “nightmare”, because of which the pupils of the audience “trembled” from the fact that their vocals did not match the iconic voice of Kim Yuna.

Now fans are concerned that Yonghoon most likely read the message, as he has hinted several times that he reads every message before.

In fact, prior to that, he also responded to receiving harsh messages and pleaded with fans on the 21st, saying:

“Besides that! I always take care of myself, because I want to demonstrate my beautiful image. That’s why I also read and work hard to improve what is indicated to help me.

However, please refrain a little from using bad words. Thank you.”

He added:

“I really don’t care that 1 person says this among 100 people. But I don’t like that these messages are mixed up with the good messages you’re sending, so I’m saying this. I like you, my children.”


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