The Boys: why Homelander is the strongest super


However, as mysteries were unraveled and secrets revealed about the nature of how the Super gain their powers, it left many wondering how exactly Homelander is so much more powerful than his colleagues in The Boys.

While there are different characters whose powers come in handy, like Mesmer or Doppelganger, in terms of sheer power, there is no one more powerful than the star hero.

Superpowers were simply the result of injecting Compound V into babies, so what makes The Boys’ Homelander so special remains in doubt. As is often the case, the source material can shed light on the explanation.

A simple answer is that Homelander simply withstood a greater amount of Compound V than a typical human can handle, which means that he is the most powerful in The Boys because he was injected with most of the substance.

As with any medication, different people have different tolerance levels, and the strength or dilution of The Boys Compound V necessarily affects its strength.

Right now, Homelander may be the strongest Super in The Boys, but if the explanations behind his own superiority are true, it might not be long before he has some serious competition.

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