The Boys Were Nominated For an Award For an Episode With a Giant Artificial Penis, and The VFX Supervisor Shared The Reaction of A+


When it comes to the saying “Go big or go home”, The Boys steadily prove that they have little interest in returning home, raising the stakes of the narrative with each season, as well as becoming more saturated with NSFW-ami (for example, oh, I don’t know, I love sausage) The premiere of Season 3 specifically raised the stakes are at the expense of a super-Termite fluctuating in size, whose hilariously insane outstanding scene showed him diving into a really massive penis head and urethra, followed by a shocking sticky explosion. This was appreciated not only by howling viewers, as the episode “Reckoning” was nominated for a visual effects award, which is apparently heavily based on practical penis support, and the VFX supervisor shared an excellent reaction to the news.

The Virtual Effects Society recently announced all the nominees for the upcoming 21st annual VES Awards, which will take place in February, and James Cameron’s box office film Avatar: The Way of Water, unsurprisingly, received a whopping 14 nominations. The boys may have only received one nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects in a photorealistic episode, but in this case, size really matters, and visual effects maestro Stefan Fleet shared the initial festive BDE on Twitter.


For this post, which deserved congratulations “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!” from the star of the show Anthony Starr, followed by a post with visual proof of the props that helped The Boys get ahead of the competition. providing security for Twitter and work.

Stefan Fleet then joked about adding one of the show’s many fake dongs to his headshot at the awards ceremony, which would be a cheeky move. (Although it is ballless, at least in terms of testicular prostheses.)

And sometimes you can just refer to a scene in which a little dude blows up a normal-sized dude by sneezing into his dick, without having to talk about awards. (Although we all know he’s there.)

I would say a real blunder on the part of the Fleet.

Boys are certainly used to inserting a penis into the mix, going back to the bulge of The Deep poster. There was also the aforementioned Love Sausage, which was instigated by some BTS shenanigans, and no one should ever forget to see a real burning penis during the episode “Herogasm”.

The 2023 Virtual Effects Society Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, February 15th, and I know I’m not the only one hoping that The Boys will really pull it off. To win, I mean, not… genitals the size of a building.

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