The Boys unveils the final savage trailer for season 2


The popular Amazon Prime Video superhero series based on the eponymous comic features two minutes of messing around, insanity, and gore; new trailer and posters.

The Boys, the popular Amazon Prime Video superhero series based on the eponymous comic, has presented the final trailer for its second season, whose premiere is scheduled for September 4 exclusively through the Amazon streaming platform. Along with the trailer, its official synopsis has been published along with two new posters.

Third season already confirmed

Thus, this second season of The Boys follows the events of last season, with the group of anti-heroes fleeing from the “justice” of the Supers; Here is the official synopsis for Season 2 of The Boys: “The even more intense and wacky second season follows The Boys on the run from the law, hunted by the Supers, and desperately trying to regroup and fight Vought.”

Hiding, Hughie, Leche Breast, El Francés and La Hembra try to adapt to a new normality without being able to find Butcher. Meanwhile, Starlight must find its place in The Seven and Patriot sets herself the goal of taking full control. Her power is threatened with the arrival of Stormfront, a new super expert in social networks, who has her own mission. Furthermore, the threat of the Supervillain takes center stage as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia. ”

For this second season the well-known interpreters return with Karl Urban in front along with other names such as Aya Cash, Goran Visnijc, Claudia Domit or Patton Oswalt. As we say, the second season of The Boys will debut on September 4 with the broadcast of the first three episodes, to go on to premiere one per week until its outcome on October 9.

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Taking advantage of the occasion, Amazon Prime Video has shared two new posters that we offer below; In addition, the third season of the series has already been confirmed for 2021.


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