The Boys: Trump supporters use the Homelander figure


During a demonstration in favor of the soon-to-be former President of the United States Donald Trump, government supporters used the image of the hero Homelander, from The Boys series, to create a new narrative.

In a photo shared by Twitter, you can see the image of Trump, through a mask, in the uniform of Homelander, arresting President-elect Joe Biden.

The demonstration was said to have taken place on Saturday, November 14, at Pennsylvania Avenue in the capital Washington, outside the John A. Wilson building. The place is known to be the official seat of the city hall.

However, people directly involved with the Amazon Prime Video series demonstrated on social media after the image resonated. This is the case with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who shared the photo with a question to Donald Trump’s supporters. “Um … are they really watching the series?” He wrote.

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Antony Starr, the hero’s interpreter in The Boys, also expressed his discontent with the inappropriate use of his character’s figure. “The art of the ignorant idiot”, commented on the subject.

Darick Robertson, co-creator of The Boys’ original comics, published that Trump supporters did not understand what Homelander stood for in the universe of the series.

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