The Boys Trailer Is Reported Over 20 Million Times


The Boys season 3 recently got a trailer and it looks like the new episodes will be everything fans have hoped for: full of blood and violence. But apparently, many people did not approve of what they saw, as the video was reported more than 20 million times, according to Amazon Prime Video itself.

The information was released by the official profile of the series on Twitter, which seems to be amused by the controversy. In an image shared on the network, it is revealed that the preview was “reported for its content 20,093,031 times”.

“Everyone is furious that the Season 3 teaser is ‘deeply unhinged’ and asking ‘what the hell did we just watch?'” the post’s caption reads. The image also plays with the data, saying that the Twitter account admin broke a record for watching the trailer 603 times.

Unfortunately, the profile did not detail what exactly were the complaints regarding the trailer: the explicit violence or some of the other controversial parts, with the scenes with characters in intimate moments.

If you haven’t seen the latest preview yet, check out the watered-down trailer for the song “Bones” by Imagine Dragons, just below (it’s probably obvious by now, but it’s still worth a warning: the video has NSFW content).