The Boys: The theory that would have changed the fate of all passengers on the plane


As viewers wait for The Boys season 3, fans have been discussing a theory on social media. Which would have changed the fate of passengers on a plane in the first installment of the Amazon Prime Video drama. Although there are many opinions about it, because it deals with one of the main characters, the fans’ proposal is reasonable and curious.

The first season of The Boys showed us one of the rescue missions for the group of Seven. Where their leader, Homelander (Antony Starr), has one of the biggest failures of his life, but who in turn doesn’t seem to care much about the way he ended it all. Although the disaster that happened ended up being hidden, viewers continue to talk about it and how everything could have changed.

During the first episodes of the first season of The Boys, viewers watched as Homelander and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) board a hijacked commercial flight. Although the idea was to resolve the situation and save the passengers, they do such a lousy job that they leave the passengers to die and cover up the tragedy. They both left the civilians on board the plane begging for their lives before crashing into the ocean, especially Homelander.

Although many compare Homelander’s abilities to those of the hero of other comics like Superman. It’s clear that the leader of the Seven doesn’t have the same level of quick thinking as the Man of Steel. But, the fans assure in a theory the way that the destiny of the passengers of the plane would have changed.

Some fans suggested on the Reddit social network that Homelander could have used his super speed to the maximum or fly from below and stabilize the plane to lower the passengers or most of them. But, he decided not to and think of other things before actually wanting to save the people from the hijacked plane.

“If Homelander really wanted to, he could have saved the people on the plane.” using his super speed to lower people into the water,” one fan said.

While others have claimed, Homelander’s arrogance is both his most horrible trait and his most damaging. Decisions like saying goodbye to convicted members of the public are not a problem for him. Despite wanting to be a hero, he doesn’t want to work for it, much less save people all the time.

“The whole thing with Homelander is that he only cares about being a hero when people are watching because he wants to be loved. If everyone on the plane is dead,” said another fan.

Although everything ended in disgrace and all the passengers on the plane died, the organization managed to hide everything that really happened that day. The question is, what will happen in the next seasons of The Boys when everything that has happened with the group of Seven, especially with Homelander, is revealed.