The Boys: Studio 188 makes the funny version of its trailer


Actor Anthony Starr, who plays the troubled Homelander in The Boys, shared a streamlined trailer for the show on his Instagram profile. The video was made by Studio 188, a group known for taking great productions and making low-cost trailers for these shows.

Among the films and series that have already been recreated by the group, there are worldwide box office hits, such as Fast and Furious, Harry Potter, Avatar and Black Panther. Studio188’s productions are quite comical, largely because of the creative ways they find to remake scenes full of special effects and very high budget.


The Boys trailer: low cost version

The video is 3 minutes long, is available on YouTube at Studio188 and is inspired by some scenes in the series, which vary between some full of special effects and others with simple dialogues. The trailer also features the original scenes below, for viewers to compare their creation with the original video.

In a funny way, the people at Studio188 managed to transform “low cost” into even the simplest takes. For example: Homelander’s banana shoulder pads, A-Train’s legs are toothbrushes, and Starlight is a doll! Exaggeration in improvisation and low cost is a trademark of the group, making the videos quite comical.

Homelander liked it!

The video gained the attention of actor Anthony Starr, who shared the trailer on Instagram himself. Starr took advantage of the production to make a joke, putting the following caption in the post: “if we don’t stop covid-19, the 3rd season [of The Boys] will be like this … take care”.


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