The Boys: Spin-off Series is Expected To Take Similar Approach to the MCU


The Boys-derived series is still in pre-production, with Craig Rosenberg (Diamond Thief) still working on the script. However, Eric Kripke, the creator of The Boys, offered a look at what we can expect from the spin-off.

According to him, the series will offer a different approach than the audience is used to. Kripke compared the new series to the MCU, in which there are quite different films about the same universe. However, the difference is in the perversion.

“We are writing the script at a fast pace,” commented the producer. “I think it’s going well, and it’s exciting because it reminds a little of Marvel, but in a more perverted way — in the same way that different Marvel projects are very different: one is a thriller, the other is a comedy… , we’re going down those paths, only with more perverted jokes.”

So far, it hasn’t been defined how the two productions will be connected, however, Kripke recently commented that the third season of The Boys will feature some references to the spin-off. The derivative will accompany the group known as the G-Men, a group of super-powerful young orphans who are trained by eccentric billionaire John Godolkin.

The spin-off cast will feature Maddie Phillips (Bounty Hunters), Reina Hardesty (Brockmire), Jaz Sinclair (Sarina’s Dark World), Lizze Broadway (The Rookie), Aimee Carrero (Blindspot) and Shane Paul McGhie (After ).

The new production is not yet scheduled for release. Meanwhile, the third season of The Boys is expected to hit the Amazon Prime Video backlog in 2021.


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