The Boys: Soldier Boy’s Look To Be Revealed Soon


The Boys: On his official Twitter account, actor Jensen Ackles shared precious information with The Boys fans. Apparently, the first image of Soldier Boy, his character in the 3rd season of the series, will be released very soon — however, with no prediction for that to happen.

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Season 3 of The Boys promises to be extremely intense, as well as very dark and bloody. In previous posts on social media, Eric Kripke, showrunner and executive producer, revealed that the first cut of the pilot episode would “blow minds.”

The arrival of Soldier Boy emphasizes all this narrative power, considering that, so far, the production team has managed to keep details about the character’s participation in (almost) absolute secrecy.

The Boys: Season 3 of the series promises big news

As previously announced, there are two very important factors for the dramatic construction of the new episodes of the series. The first of them is that, through some behind-the-scenes footage, there was a suggestion to include a possible reality show with superheroes.

In addition, the producers and screenwriters confirmed that the infamous Herogasm arc from the comics would be covered in the narrative, showing every detail of the sabbatical part of the powerful employees of Vough.

With these small details, public expectations remain very high. It’s still unclear when the new episodes will debut on Amazon Prime Video, nor the spin-off series, which will focus on a superhero university.

That way, fans can only wait for more news!


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