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Last Friday (4), the 2nd season of The Boys premiered on Amazon Prime Video. However, unlike what the public got used to seeing, the new season did not arrive complete on the platform. Only the first three episodes were released and, every week (every Friday), a new episode will be added to the streaming until the conclusion of the season, scheduled to happen on October 9th.

Part of the audience reacted negatively to the decision to launch weekly episodes, however, the showrunner in the series, Erik Kripke, defended the choice, saying that in this way, the audience can enjoy the series better and for longer.

“When we release everything at once, people consume the whole series and it becomes a momentary success, then falls by the wayside,” said Kripke, who completed. “You can comment on the season as a whole, but it is also very good to analyze the specifics of each episode. There are so many good moments in season 2 and we want to give it time to make an impact, you know? ”.

Currently, the 2nd season of The Boys has four episodes available on the platform.

It is worth remembering that, even with Season 2 still on display, The Boys has already been renewed for Season 3, which has already announced the addition of Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester of Supernatural, to his cast.

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