The Boys Shock Death Avoid The Worst Starlight Story of Season 3


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of the 4th season of the 3rd season of “Boys”

The shocking death of Supersonic stops the 3rd season of “Boys” on the worst plot route with Huey and Starlight. It’s hard to forge a romance between superhuman beings at the best of times, but Hugh Campbell and Starlight’s relationship between a violent Homelander and a vengeful Billy Butcher faces bigger obstacles than most. Finally, after two whole seasons of discord, season 3 of “Boys” begins with Huey and Starlight in a state of homely, fresh mint bliss. They even became public, going out together on the red carpet at the premiere of “Dawn of Seven” by Vaught. However, since they are Boys, their happiness is short-lived.

The appearance of Supersonic in the “Seven” causes Starlight and Huey joy. Charming, handsome and actually quite a nice guy, Huey can’t stand it when the suave Supersonic recalls with Starlight about their teenage romance with celebrities, and his presence brings tension to a love that seemed unshakable just a few scenes before. The third season of “Boys” seemed to be approaching a love triangle in which Starlight would be tempted by an old flame, and Huey would wonder why his not superblood and strawberry-scented hair weren’t good enough.

Season 3, episode 4 of “The Boys” takes this love triangle and distorts it beyond recognition. Supersonic makes a fatal mistake by involving A-Train in the growing resistance against Homeland, not realizing that the ex-speedster is guided solely by personal interests. A-Train runs (more precisely, jogging) straight to Homelander, and the ruthless leader of the Seven brutally kills Supersonic in response. Obviously, any chance Starlight has to revive her childhood romance is now lost in a pile of reddish sticky mass on the roof of New York, but while it’s not ideal for the Supersonic itself, it’s good for the Boys. The storyline of the love triangle between him, Starlight and Huey in the third season of “Boys” would be boring, disappointing and a step backwards for all involved.

Fictional relationships that are tested by the unexpected return of an old lover are just as formulaic a love story as you’ll discover. The boys who chose this path would be too predictable in both execution and outcome, as everyone would expect Huey and Starlight to eventually reunite. Starlight’s temptation to leave Huey because of the classically handsome, muscular Supersonic is also an insult to the integrity of Erin Moriarty’s character from “Boys”, portraying her as superficial and disloyal, whereas seasons 1 and 2 of “Boys” have already proved that Starlight is the complete opposite.

The Boys have always sought to defy conventions and subvert storytelling traditions; deliberately teasing the love triangle between Huey, Starlight and Supersonic, and then happily trampling against all audience expectations, the Amazon series remains one step ahead again. As an additional bonus viewers’ expectations that Supersonic and Starlight will continue to revive their romance in season 3 of “Boys” (and possibly beyond) make his demise in episode 4 even more shocking when it happens.

The death of Supersonic reveals the real problems in the relationship between Starlight and Huey. The appearance of a tall, dark—haired, handsome man from Starlight’s past was never the root of their romantic rot-the reason was Huey’s insecurity. Huey is upset that Starlight always has to rescue him or open his cans, not to mention how the paparazzi force him to step aside on red carpets, and it is this feeling of inadequacy that pushes Hugh Campbell to inject V-24. The appearance of the Supersonic has only intensified the anxieties that Huey has already experienced, but he cannot hide behind simple jealousy, now his rival is a puddle of jelly. Fortunately, watching Huey overcome insecurities in a relationship due to the fact that Starlight is a superhero sounds much more interesting for the 3rd season of “Boys” than a derivative love triangle.

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