The Boys: Season 3 Will Have Minor G-Men References


The Boys: Season 3 of The Boys shouldn’t take long to debut and The Seven won’t be the only heroes that will appear in the new episodes. According to showrunner Eric Kripke, now that a spin-off is confirmed, they plan to show little references to it in some episodes.

During an interview with The Wrap, the producer stated that they are still considering how this will happen. According to him, it should be something discreet, as has been done in previous seasons, with small ads appearing in the background.

“As we now know [what’s going to come up], we’ve written some references and we’re starting to put that into the episodes,” Kripke said. “And we’re looking, because there’s a part of The Boys that’s like the Saturday Night Live commercials, like sometimes we just go through these little ads or moments, and we’re trying to maybe, if we can, put in some references to the spin- off on some of them too. So we made subtle additions and we’re looking at it a little more.”

The series derived from The Boys has not yet had an official title released, but it should be based on the G-Men comics. The series, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson (the duo responsible for The Boys), is a parody of the X-Men, and follows a group of super-powerful young orphans who are rescued and trained by John Godolkin, a not-so-billionaire benevolent as Professor Xavier.

So far, it’s not possible to know how much of the original material will be in The Boys spin-off. The series returns to the Prime Video catalog with new episodes in 2021.