The Boys Season 3: Theories of Stormfront’s shocking return to the show


After the trailer for season 3 of The Boys was shown, with a Homelander (played by Antony Starr) becoming increasingly neurotic. Fans have been talking about what they expect to see with Stormfront (Aya Cash), especially after she was badly injured at the end of the second installment. The proposals led fans to create different theories of what will happen.

During the final episode of the second season of The Boys, viewers watched as Stormfront was left with practically most of her limbs shattered. After attacking Butcher’s (played by Karl Urban) family, her son draws out her hidden powers and unleashes a devastating ray that leaves her charred and dismembered. Now, fans wonder how she could come back and explain some theories.

Some fans have been suggesting that Stormfront will survive, but her body will be rebuilt and half of it will be made from robot parts. In the style of Darth Vader in Star Wars. While others claim that she could regenerate to a certain extent.

However, some have been talking about a character who could be instrumental in bringing Stormfront back fully and stronger than ever. Some are hoping to see Matthew Culbert aka Gecko (David W. Thompson), who wields the awesome power of regenerative healing from her, step in to save her.

But let’s remember that Gecko sold his gift to the highest bidder, who would pay to damage and dismember him without risk of danger or consequence. It is this powerful advantage that fans believe could influence the revival of Stormfront.

“They could do some kind of blood transfusion with Gecko; he already works at Vought.”

Interestingly, after so many theories about Stormfront, the show’s creator, Eric Kripke, set the record straight in October 2020, revealing what kind of condition we’re going to see her in for the show’s third season on the Amazon Prime platform. Video.

“No, she’s not dead! She’s Stumpfront! She’s a chubby little Nazi.”

“What we thought was interesting is, if you remember, he ages very, very slowly. So the best poetic ending for that character is someone who believed so much in some kind of purebred and gets mutilated and has to live with it for potential centuries.

Without a doubt, season 3 of The Boys will see the cruel suffering that Stormfront will have to be exposed to, after her face and almost all her limbs were completely destroyed. It only remains to wait to see the development of season 3 that will begin on June 3 on the Amazon Prime Video platform.