The Boys season 3: should Ryan stay with Homelander?


Season 3 of The Boys has some great surprises in store for fans of the series! Ryan should perhaps have stayed with Homelander …

In the last episode of season 2 of The Boys, Billy Butcher entrusts Ryan to Grace Mallory. However, the Melty news site speculates that the little boy should perhaps have stayed with his father… Season 3 is very heavy!

Available since July 26, 2019 on Amazon Prime, The Boys then appears as the series of the year, but also of the following ones!

The latter therefore features a group of revengeful individuals, ready to do anything to overthrow a society of “superheroes” in which he does not feel out of place.

Hughie Campbell, Billy Butcher, Mother’s Milk and Frenchie thus face off against a host of supermen with terrifying powers.

And to the delight of fans of the series, a 3rd season is already being prepared! Yes, you did hear it.

“We have already written 4 episodes out of the 8 ordered. And if all goes well, we hope to be able to shoot season 3 in January 2021 “explained Eric Kripme at the end of the year.

The new adventures of the merry gang promise to be rich in action. The Melty news site has returned to one of the defining scenes, to say the least, of the last season of The Boys.

You will no doubt understand, so this is Billy Butcher’s choice. The latter prefers to entrust Ryan to Grace Mallory, rather than leave alongside his father.

But what will become of Homelander’s son then?


As you probably know, Ryan is therefore the illegitimate son of Homelander. He thus appears as the first human to have inherited powers in a “natural” way.

It was not until the end of the second season of The Boys to see him use them. The little boy then overcomes Stormfront, but kills his mother at the same time …

Billy Butcher had two choices: take him under his wing, or leave him to his father. After careful consideration, he therefore opts for the first option!

But did he make the right choice? According to the Melty news site, it might have been better to let Homelander take care of his son. Without his help, mastering his powers is quite complicated …

Plus, even though he comes across as an obnoxious character, the strongest superhero still appears to be a loving father.

Alongside Grace Mallory, “Ryan may still feel abandoned and could become an antagonist in the next episodes”.

One thing is certain then, season 3 of The Boys has some nice surprises in store for fans of the series. We are waiting for the rest!


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