The Boys Season 3: Jensen Ackles talks about the traumas of the Herogasm episode


Following the release of the official trailer for Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys, viewers have been speculating what will be shown on the show. The clip featured the addition of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who will play Soldier Boy. With nearly two years of development and production under its belt, fans are excited to see the promised episode, Herogasm.

The start of the third season will pick up a year after the end of the second installment, in which Homelander (played by Antony Starr) doubles down on his actions while slowly going insane and Butcher (Karl Urban) is now working for the government under the supervision of Hughie (Jack Quaid).

But, the advance of The Boys, also shows us how the threat of the supers reaches a critical point, which is why the group of Boys must get back together with the help of the world’s first super Soldier Boy, in the midst of a drug that gives superpowers to anyone for 24 hours (sort of like the Netflix movie Project Power).

Hours after Amazon Prime Video revealed the official trailer for The Boys season 3, the cast of the show reunited for an interview with Vanity Fair. To share your thoughts on what the long-awaited installment will bring. But, speaking about the most anticipated episode, Herogasm, Jensen Ackles warned that some of them were traumatized by what will happen.

“I think Herogasm itself is something that a lot of people are excited to see. I know I was very curious how it was going to work. And even the director said, ‘I don’t know what I’m shooting.’ Our crew seemed traumatized. You can’t stop watching it.” .That toothpaste won’t go back in the tube.”

The episode “Herogasm”, is the moment when they announce that the superheroes are going on a mission in space to fight aliens. But in reality they all go to a remote island to have a sex party to de-stress and get away from all the personal problems they are facing. In fact, the showrunner Erick Kripke, assured in the past that it will be total madness.

As revealed by Erick Kripke, The Boys season 3 episode Herogasm will receive an X rating from the Amazon Prime Video platform. Because there will be unedited footage, in order to meet the expectations of comic book fans of the show, while also promising that they are not getting “exploitative” with the material that will be shown.

It only remains to wait for the way everything will unfold in Herogasm, when season 3 of The Boys premieres the first episodes on June 3 on the Amazon Prime Video platform.