The Boys: Season 3 Has ‘Spoiler’ Leaked By The Production Itself


The Boys: The official profile of The Boys, series broadcast by Amazon Prime Video, posted last Tuesday (22), on his Twitter account, a supposed spoiler telling the end of his third season. The publication, which was nothing more than a joke to amuse fans, references the way in which The Bob Newhart Show, shown in the 1970s by Sitcom, ended its production.

The tweet read: “Season 3 ends with Hughie waking up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette and telling her about the weird dream he had, where a guy with a beard kept cursing him.” And, as the trolling on the official profile was not enough, actor Jack Quaid posted on his personal profile that “there was so much blood! Arguably too much!” to further intensify the game.


The long-awaited 3rd season of The Boys

Though it still doesn’t have a release date officially announced by Amazon, the third season of The Boys series began recording earlier this year and features much of its original cast, including actors Karl Urban and Antony Starr. It was also confirmed the hiring of new member Jensen Ackles, famous for his role in Supernatural, chosen to play one of the original superheroes of the comics, Soldier Boy.

In addition, the new season features Herogasm, an annual event where all the superheroes and even the villains depart for space towards a remote tropical resort. With this news, fans can already look forward to the new episodes and look forward to an impactful turnaround.


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