The Boys season 2: TV series and comics 10 differences


With the release of the first episodes of Season 2 of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, many fans have already gone after the comics to find out what could happen in the new year of the superhero series.

The production was inspired by comics and became one of the most watched series of heroes in streaming. However, in comics, not everything happens the same way.

1. Different superheroes

Some characters, like Ezequiel, Mesmer and Translucent, do not exist in the comics. That’s right, although they are very important in the series, they are exclusive to the screens and are not present in the original story.

2. Flight 37

The story of Flight 37 is different in the The Boys series. In the comics, The Seven manages to intercept one of the planes that would hit the Twin Towers in the September 11 attack. The terrorists are murdered, but yet another plane crashes on the Brooklyn Bridge.

3. Compound V

In The Boys’ comics, all superheroes use Compound V. In the series, not everyone uses the drug, and humans also exploit it.

4. Madelyn Stillwell

Another difference is that, in the comics, they respond to James Stillwell, a true sociopath. In the series, the character is female and acts more like a coach, not a dictator.

5. The Deep

Although he is a detestable character in both the comics and the series, The Profound is slightly more mature in the comics.

6. Captain Motherland

Likewise, the Superman antagonist in The Boys has his personality altered in the adaptations; on TV, he is more cunning and manipulative. Furthermore, his relationship with Stillwell does not happen in the comics.

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7. The Origin of the Female

In the comics, the Female’s trajectory begins when she ingests some Compound V by accident as a baby. This is very different in the series, in which she receives the substance on purpose to be trained by guerrillas.

8. Starlight

Right at the beginning of The Boys’ comics, the group receives Luz-Estrela, which adapts to their new reality and learns to deal with all of them. In the series, she matures quickly and remains an idealistic character.

9. Campbell

There is no denying that Campbell is one of the central characters in both the 1st and 2nd season of The Boys. Although he is very brave in the series, in the comics he is known for being a real coward.

10. Becca Butcher

We cannot fail to quote Billy Butcher’s wife, after all his destiny is very different in the adaptation. In the comics, she dies shortly after giving birth to Captain Patria’s son, but in the series she remains alive, and her existence is hidden by Vought.

The second season of The Boys is now available on Amazon Prime Video.


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