The Boys S3 Promises a Live Fight Marvel & DC Never Did


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of season 3, episode 5 of “Boys”.

Can’t wait to see Superman and Captain America resolve their patriotic differences in live action? The third season of “Boys” may be the best choice for you. As rivals in a superhero game, Marvel and DC characters rarely intertwine, but such rules don’t apply in the satirical world of Amazon’s The Boys, where the lineups of both companies are fair game. Marvel is represented by the G-Men (X-Men), the Crimson Countess (Scarlet Witch) and Termite (Ant-Man). The DC parody is Queen Maeve (Wonder Woman), Depth (Aquaman) and Homelander (Superman). Joining in the fun in season three, Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy hilariously rhymes Captain America.

As the all-American heroes of their brands, Superman vs. Captain America seems like a natural fantasy matchup. And while Clark Kent should have a relatively easy victory on paper, something about Steve Rogers’ cunning and determination suggests that he had a surprisingly good fight. Captain America and Superman very rarely crossed paths in the comics, but a real-time collision looks extremely unlikely. Marvel Studios is struggling to bring its own creations back together under one roof (see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man), so any proposed Marvel vs. DC movie would be a near-impossible logistical and legal nightmare.

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Fortunately, the 5th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys” is a fairly close replacement in “Homeland vs. the Boy Soldier”. In the closing moments of “One Last Look at this World of Lies,” Billy Butcher and Hugh Campbell approach the recently released Soldier with a proposal to “unite,” and Huey, in a stormy conversation with Starlight, confirms that Captain Cocaine is the Boys’ weapon against Homelander. Butcher initially believed that the mission in Moscow was unsuccessful, but by the end of episode 5, he clearly knows that the red explosion of the Soldier completely nullified Kimiko’s abilities of Compound-V. Since no superhero is capable of defeating the Homelander face-to-face, Butcher and Huey must intend to render the Homelander powerless by using the crimson energy wave of the Boy Soldier.

It is less clear why the Boy Soldier actually agrees to the arrangement. Of course, the Butcher freed him from Russian scientists and tied up the Crimson Countess, but the ex-leader of the Reckoning does not give the impression of a grateful person (he immediately calls the Butcher an “asshole”) and could easily cope with the Crimson Countess. without outside help. Most likely, the Soldier Boy feels out of place in this unfamiliar modern world and needs team members to help him get through it. Obviously, there is no Payback reunion happening, so it seems like the Boys just got a Soldier.

And maybe the Boy Soldier has his own reasons for killing the Homelander. The Vought Seven star was designed as a successor to Soldier Boy (as confirmed in The Boys Presents: Devilical) and copied the same patriotic trick. When the Boy Soldier then returned to America in the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, photos of the Homelander attacked him from all sides. Killing your own “replacement” makes sense for such a selfish and self-centered character as a Soldier, turning the deal with the Butcher and Huey into an “enemy of my enemy” situation.

Given time to play out, Homelander vs. Soldier Boy should be a pretty accurate cover version of what Superman vs Captain America will look like. The Homelander has flight and laser vision abilities in addition to superior physical abilities, and the Boy Soldier is a super soldier with a shield. On paper, this is a mismatch — just like in the original Marvel vs. DC — but Soldier Boy has the advantage of a more mature mentality, whereas Homelander remains an overgrown male child. While the parody of Superman from The Boys does not have the weakness of Krpitonite, the Soldier’s red blast performs a very similar function in the sense that one good shot makes the Homelander vulnerable. Considering the odds that Kevin Feige and Warner Bros. They will agree on an MCU/DC crossover on a big screen smaller than the little finger of a Termite, the 3rd season of “Boys” can finally show what the battle of Superman against Captain America will look like in real time… and may even choose a winner.

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