The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Producer Talks About Madness In Animation


The Boys: Amazon Prime Video has just released the first season of the animated series Diabolical, a spin-off of the smash hit The Boys, and it presents us with totally crazy and over-the-top animation.

So producer Eric Kripke was asked about these crazy ideas in the anthology and pointed out that this is the magic of animation, having the ability to put any idea into practice.

The showrunner also made some other comments about Diabolical and you can check out more of Kripke’s lines below!

Eric Kripke claims that Diabolical gave the possibility to put crazy ideas into practice

The Boys became a very famous series and known for the madness and exaggeration in its scenes and it is clear that the Diabolical spin-off would bring this essence into its stories.

The series is an anthology that presents new stories within this universe in each episode and, in addition, was designed for an adult audience, due to the strong scenes and plots that are increasingly exaggerated and violent.

In this way, Eric Kripke, the great mind behind the production of the series, said that creating a work in animation gave the possibility to exaggerate even more in the script and bring crazy and bloody episodes in a way that would not be possible in another format.

The showrunner highlighted that he always thought about the different possibilities within animation and asked himself: “what ideas can we take from it and how far can we take this whole universe? I think the animated version gives us a chance to do that.”

Thus, the end result was a great work aimed at a more adult look, with hilarious scenes involving absurd powers throughout the episodes.

And you, have you checked out The Boys: Diabolical on Amazon Prime Video?