The Boys: Origins and Powers of Victoria Neuman


The Boys: Victoria Neuman, a smart young politician in season 2 radically changed from the comics where he was an unreliable man

The Boys ended their second season with some shocking revelations about the character of Victoria Neuman. These twists give some clues to the battles to come in season 3 of the series, although it is not yet clear what Neuman’s agenda is and with whom, if he is working with someone, (or to what end).

A lot has changed when The Boys was adapted from a comic book series into a show for Amazon Prime. Some of these changes have drastically altered the backstory and backgrounds of the main characters, such as the shocking twist in the season 1 finale in which Billy Butcher’s wife Becca was still alive and had been raising the son she had after being secretly raped by Homelander.

This drastically changed the nature of Billy Butcher’s quest for revenge against Homelander and Vought International, resulting in him developing an even more antisocial personality than in the comics, as he fought an entirely different battle.

Victoria Neuman underwent a similar metamorphosis when she was adapted from the comics. Beyond being a gender-reversed version of a male character named Victor Neuman, pretty much everything about Victoria was the exact opposite of her comic book counterpart. This included an explosive secret that wasn’t revealed until the end of The Boys season 2, which promises an even more shocking story in the next installment.

How Victoria Neuman is different in the comics

Victor K. Neuman was created by writer Garth Ennis as an exaggerated parody of President George W. Bush. The scion of a wealthy, conservative family with ties to both the CIA and the Vought-American corporation, Neuman was a naive pervert who could barely sign his own name and read a teleprompter.

Fortunately, this was all that was asked of him as CEO of Vought-American and more than was asked of him when he became Vice President of the United States. As the story of The Boys unfolded, Vought-American bided his time, waiting for the opportunity to run “Vic The Veep” for president, at which point he could begin sealing his plans to introduce superheroes into the American military and start earning on the Department of Defense contract money.

Victoria Neuman is the complete opposite of Victor Neuman in every respect. While his party affiliation was never stated in season 2 of The Boys, his political attitudes are decidedly liberal by American standards, leading both rallies to protest the militarization of superhumans and the Congressional investigation into corruption at Vought. -International.

The character has been compared to the American representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; a famous passionate politician and comic book fan whose gestures the actress, Claudia Doumit, admitted to imitating in her portrayal of Victoria Neuman.

Season finale reveals Neuman’s true nature

The season 2 finale of the Amazon series opened with Victoria Neuman’s political future in doubt, after the US House of Representatives court hearing on corruption at Vought-International ended in confusion and violence, with an unknown Supe who blew up the heads of several people who attended the hearing. This included the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and the sprinter, Shockwave.

With supervillain terrorists now seemingly capable of infiltrating congressional hearings undetected, there was no room for anyone like Neuman to question Supes’ wisdom serving in the military and the president was ready to sign bills introduced by rivals. of Neuman that could make it happen.

Luckily for Neuman, A-Train turned over a dossier of everything the Church Collective had learned about Stormfront and her secret past as a Nazi to Hughie Campbell and Starlight; partly to pay off the debt he felt he owed them for saving his life, partly to get revenge on Stormfront for treating him badly, but mostly to open up a space in The Seven so he could return. Later in the episode, after the record was leaked to the public, it was revealed that the leader of the Church of the Collective, Alastair Adana, was aware of the theft but was not upset as Stormfront had been speaking out against the Church. for a long time.

He was also impressed by A-Train’s initiative and used his influence to get him invited back to The Seven.

The final scenes of the episode revealed that there was much less luck in the game than it first appeared, as Alistair Adana called Victoria Neuman on the phone and congratulated her on her new appointment as supervisor of a new Office of Superhuman Affairs (even referred to her as “Vic” – perhaps a reference to her comic book counterpart). Neuman, in turn, thanked Adana for her intervention, saying that she knew it was her intelligence gathering that helped bring down Stormfront.

Adana said she could give him information on a dozen similarly corrupt Supes in exchange for some consideration to have his Church declared an officially recognized tax-exempt organization. Neuman agreed and ended the call, just before Adana’s head exploded in the same way as the people who died in the court hearing.

The scene ended with a cut outside of Adana’s office, where Neuman was staring at her window with glassy eyes, indicating that she was the Supe responsible for blowing up people’s heads during season 2 of The Boys. .

Powers and abilities of Victoria Neuman

Victoria Neuman has the power to explode heads, although the precise mechanism of how she does it is unclear. It is possible that she is a telekinetic, whose preferred method of murder is to smash people’s heads from a distance. It is also possible that her power is creating controlled explosions, much like the X-Men, Tabitha “Boom-Boom” Smith, and she usually targets her enemies’ heads to be sure to kill them.

Yet another possibility is that he can create force fields of varying size like the Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, who has threatened to kill various villains by forming a force field inside her head and then expanding it.

Whatever the precise nature of Neuman’s power, it appears to require a line of sight to function and he can only focus on one target at a time, based on the sequential order of deaths at the House Judiciary hearing.

Victoria Neuman in season 3

The final scene of The Boys season 2 finale saw Victoria Neuman meeting Hughie Campbell in his office, offering him a job for his campaign after acknowledging that he had delivered the Stormfront dossier directly to her and that she delivered it to the press.

It’s clear that Victoria Neuman will have an important role to play in The Boys season 3 storyline, but it’s unclear what her ultimate goal is. Given Vought-International’s control over every superhero in the world, it seems unlikely that Neuman is a rogue superhuman determined to take down the company that created her by foiling their plans and forcing the government to regulate them.

On the other hand, while it’s quite possible that Vought could turn one of his own into a popular politician seemingly opposed to Vought’s interests while secretly establishing a new power base for the company in secret, apparently no profit can be made. in Victoria Neuman, rising political star.

The only thing that seems certain is that Hughie Campbell’s wish for a nice, quiet job fighting Vought-American “the right way … not covered in so much guts” will not come true, and that sooner or later will uncover the truth. about his new boss and will be back with The Boys.

What are your predictions for Victoria Neuman in the upcoming season of The Boys? Tell us in the comments.

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