The boys of BTS confess all their secrets to ARMY


The Bangtan Boys expressed their biggest secrets in their Japanese fan cafe magazine. The 7 idols of the K-pop band confessed to their fans and talked about their deepest secrets.

Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, V, Suga and RM are international artists who carry their message of hope to all parts of the world, they are currently promoting their single ‘Dynamite’ and very soon they will present more details of their comeback with ‘ BE ‘.

Although fans love to see the performers of ‘ON’ on stage smiling, having fun and showing a joyful side, it is true that like any human being they have worries, insecurities and fears.

There are certain activities that have allowed ARMY to get to know their favorite stars more, but there are aspects that the idols of the company Big Hit Entertainment prefer to keep secret and not reveal to the public.

The members of the group held a long interview for the Japanese fan cafe where they talked about various issues of their career and personal life. This time we will show you what secrets the Bangtan Boys hide.


Jin’s secret

The oldest member of the Bangtan Boys revealed that he has been enjoying his days off more, the idol sleeps approximately 12 hours a day.


RM’s secret

The leader of the Bangtan Boys commented that, although in his general data he says that his weight is 68 kilograms, in reality he weighs 74 kilograms.


J-Hope’s secret

The rapper of the Bangtan Boys explained that, although people think that he is a quite cheerful person, he is someone who thinks a lot, analyzes and is of a serious character, always thinks his decisions in advance. Hoseok’s secret is that he is a very calm person.

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Suga’s secret

The BTS rapper explained that he has used his free time to reflect, he doesn’t drink much coffee anymore and has opted for water. Min Yoongi is focused on learning English.

Jungkook’s secret

The Golden Maknae confessed to ARMY that a few days ago he bought a video game in virtual reality but has not been able to enjoy it because he has not configured its acquisition.


Jimin’s secret

Park Jimin said that he is not someone who has secrets to hide, he is a sincere person and it is not easy for him to hide his feelings, but he commented that he is taking supplements to take care of his health.

The secret of V

Kim Taehyung said that he really enjoys hanging out with ARMY, playing games, interacting through social media, and making all of his fans happy.


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